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Appetites Can Be Controlled By Having Almonds

By on October 10, 2013

People these days love to go out either for lunch or dinner and even breakfast. They love to have rich and tasty food, but they do not think of the quality. People who work in software companies or work by sitting all alone in-front of a computer will suffer from obesity. Because, this is a routine life, waking up in the morning, going to office, work till late night, coming back to home and sleeping. They are not found of going for a walk in the evening or in the morning, or going for gym for all the people how work for a software company. Hence, these people will suffer from obesity. This arises because, they do not take sufficient amount of nutrients, minerals, vitamins and proteins.

Appetites Can Be Controlled By Having Almonds

A Clinical study, by the Purdue University, researched and proved that having almonds will control weight and appetite. They researched on one hundred and thirty seven of type 2 diabetes at high risk in which they divided all the members into five groups namely;

  1. The control group
  2. The breakfast meal group
  3. The lunch meal group
  4. The morning snack group and
  5. The afternoon snack group.

The first and foremost group, the control group which had avoided all nuts and seeds, the second group and the third group, breakfast meal group and lunch meal group which had around forty three grams of almonds each along with their daily lunch and breakfast, and the fourth and fifth group, morning snack group and afternoon snack group which used to have the same forty three grams of almonds each, daily but between their customary meals. All the snacks which are made up of almonds are eaten by the people before two hours of their last meal. This study was entertained for four weeks. For these four weeks the participants were not given any other diet. They are said to follow their own and usual diet and physical activities. After the four week research it was proved that people who consumed almonds during the course of additional two hundred and fifty extra calories per day from almonds did not gain their weight during the four week study even though they ate or drank during the case study.

Appetites Can Be Controlled By Having Almonds

Richard Mattes, who is a PhD, MPH, RD, distinguished professor of nutrition science at Purdue University and the study’s principal investigator said that the research about almonds have proved that consuming almonds as snacks will be good to maintain normal weight. It is also proved that eating almonds will reduce hunger levels and will increase the feeling of sated in both normal and abnormal weights. It is also proved in a theory that a single almonds weigh approximately thirty grams and it contains four grams of fiber, six grams of protein and thirteen grams of monounsaturated fat.

Hence, consuming almonds will not only maintain proper weight but will improve the rate of proteins and fiber in the body.

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