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Improve Your Immunity Power By Having Proper Diet

By on November 22, 2013

Why do we need to eat food? Are there any benefits of having proper diet? What happens if we do not have proper diet? If having proper diet will improve our stamina, immunity and resistance power to survive from the deadly diseases? So, what types of foods do we need to have to improve our stamina, immunity and resistance power? Will fruits and vegetables play a major role in this? If so, which type of vegetables, fruits and liquids are to be most considered for improving immunity power? Do, we need to follow proper diet for that?

We love to have different types of food from day to day. Eating a routine food or a common food will make us either fall sick or make us nervous. But, even though if you have or eat different types of dishes daily then we are not sure that they all are good for health. So, here, eating different kinds of food is not important but, having a proper diet which contains enough amounts of nutrients and proteins is important. Having the food which does not contain sufficient nutrients is worthless and having at least some amount of the food which contains enough amounts of nutrients is more worthy than anything. So, if you maintain proper diet then you can develop the stability to survive from a particular disease whereas, if you do not have proper diet or resistance power in your body then, you cannot protect yourself from the deadly diseases.

Improve Your Immunity Power By Having Proper Diet

There are many phytoplankton germs every time and everywhere around us. So, some day or any other day we may come across these germs which will ultimately lead to the deadly diseases and infections. These will occur at a particular time. But, we do not know at what time and place will it occur. But, to say strictly it will occur when your body is out of immunity power or do not have sufficient amount of energy or nutrients to survive or when you become weak. Not only exercises, proper diet will improve immunity power but also there are some food substances that will make your body to improve immunity power.

Here are some of the food substances that will help you to improve your immunity power.

Improve Your Immunity Power By Having Proper Diet


This is a fruit which itself says that it contains more amount of water in it. It contains a red melon in it where water is stored and can be seen when you crush the melon. So, how will this watermelon helps us to improve immunity power? Watermelon contains a powerful antioxidant called glutathione in excess amount. This antioxidant will improve the immunity power and will protect us from getting infections and diseases. This glutathione is present in excess amount in between the melon and the peel.

Improve Your Immunity Power By Having Proper Diet


Same like that of the watermelon, cabbage also helps you to improve your immunity power, but, this vegetable is almost available in all the seasons or throughout the year whereas the watermelon is available only during summer. Cabbage contains a substance called glutamine which helps you to improve the immunity power same like that of the glutathione antioxidant. So, make a habit of eating it regularly either in the form of a salad or curry.

Improve Your Immunity Power By Having Proper Diet

Almond Nuts

Unlike the above vegetables and fruits which contains antioxidants, these nuts, almonds contains enough amounts of vitamin ‘E’. Having half a cup of almond nuts daily will give your body enough amounts of vitamin ‘E’. Where, these almond nuts maintain your immunity power from getting declined. These almond nuts also contain different types of vitamin ‘B’ such as riboflavin and niacin which will help you to relax and come out from the world of stress.

Improve Your Immunity Power By Having Proper Diet


Eating a cup of curd daily makes you health so that the opportunities of being attacked by cold decreases. It was said that curd will help you to survive better whenever you are attacked by cold and increases your immunity power. Curd contains enough amount of vitamin ‘D’. It is said by many of the scientists that if people do not have curd in their meal or discard eating curd may fall ill to the diseases such as cold and flues. Hence, it is better to eat curd because, once if anyone gets affected by cold then it is hard to breath and even sleep.

Improve Your Immunity Power By Having Proper Diet


There are many different types of antioxidants present in the garlic. These all types of antioxidants present in garlic will fight with all the deadly diseases and germs in a person. Mainly the garlic will fight with the H. Pylori bacteria which is responsible for the wounds and cancers in the stomach. Peel off the garlic and grind it into pieces and after fifteen minutes of this activity use the finely chopped garlic pieces in a curry. If done, then this will improve the stability of the enzymes responsible for immunity power.

Improve Your Immunity Power By Having Proper Diet


Lettuce contains more amount of folate. This folate present in the lettuce helps to improve and develop new cells in the body and even helps to recover and repair the DNA cells. The fiber of the lettuce and the lettuce contains rich amounts of vitamin ‘C’ type of antioxidants. Have it in such as way that either wash it properly and have it directly or else boil it in hot water for sometime and have it, which is good for health.

Improve Your Immunity Power By Having Proper Diet

Sweet Potato

Same as that of the carrot,s sweet potato also contain rich amount of beta carotene. It has the same properties as that of the antioxidants and will reduce the damage that will be caused by some of the infected cells. It will also keep you look younger because of the excess amount of vitamin ‘A’ present in it. Hence most of the people love to eat carrot and in the season of summer we find sweet potato in the market whereas the carrot is available all the time.

Improve Your Immunity Power By Having Proper Diet

Green Cauliflower

There are rich amounts of nutrients present in the green cauliflower that will keep us healthy all the time. It also contains vitamin ‘A’, ‘C’, glutathione. Eat broccoli along with the cheese that contains low fat which will produce and generate the vitamins such as ‘B’, ‘D’ to improve the immunity power.

Hence maintaining proper diet will never lead to any type of diseases or infections indeed it will keep you healthy.

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