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What’s Running In Bangalore?

By on June 14, 2016

People of Bangalore love watching movies. It does not matter what language, but they will accept any movie that is good and has a nice story. Hence, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, English and Hindi movies are screened in this south Indian city. This month too, you can see some great movies of all languages.

What's Running In Bangalore?

Let us look at the movies that have released this month and are running successfully in the cities several theatres –

Pele Birth of a Legend

The movie is about a great foot ball icon; Edson Arantes do Nascimento, or pele.The biography like narration tells about the birth, life, struggles and the success of the greatest football player that we all saw. The movie is awe inspiring and you cannot leave the theater without appreciating the man called Pele.Directed by Jeff Zimbalist and Michael Zimbalist, the movie stars Vincent D’Onofrio, Rodrigo Santoro, Diego Boneta and Colm Meaney.

Language: English

Release date: 13th May, 2016

This movie is an inspiration for all sports persons.


The serene romantic movie is based on a famous novel by Dr. Dodderi Rao. The film talks about the importance of family and marriagein the current times. The movie is shot in the beautiful mountains of the Western Ghats in Karnataka. It is a story of simple three people Akarsh, Achari and Aditi. This movie is directed by the renowned Nagathi Halli Chandrashekhar. It stars Mayuri Kyatari, Vijay Suriya, Prakash Belawadi, Kavya Shetty, Suman Nagarkar, B Jayashree, Mandya Ramesh, and Mimicry Dayanand in important roles.


Release date: 13th May, 2016

It is a suitable movie for families looking for a silent outing.

Project Marathwada

This is a movie that addresses the issue of farmer suicide. The plot is exciting and the need of the hour. Om Puri is the centre of attraction and the supporting cast has also done a significant job. The movie is tells the story of Marathwada farmer who is full of debt. He comes to Mumbai hoping toget the help of the Government after his son commits suicide. The twist comes in the form of four college students making a documentary on farmer’s suicide. Will the farmer get justice? Watch the movie to know the answer. The movie is directed by Bhavin Wadia and sees Om Puri, Dilip Tahil, Seema Biswas, Kunal Seth, Rahul Patel, Farrah Kader, Katarina Kajkus, Dalip Tahil, Kunal Sheth, and Govind Namdev in the main roles.

Language: Hindi

Release date: 3rd June, 2016

This movie is an inspiration for all farmers and the people how depend on them.

Mr Mommaga

The movie is a remake of the Tamil film Manjapai. It is a story about a villager who comes to the city in order to be with his grandson. How the villager’s character and behavior affects everyone around him forms the story. The innocence of the villagers is nicely shown in this comedy movie starring Ravi Gowda, Oviya Helen, Sadhu Kokila and Rangayana Raghu.


Release date: 3rd June, 2016

Laugh your heart’s content while you watch this comedy films.

Watch these movies running in Bangaloreand enjoy your weekends.

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